Psychologically Safe Workplaces

Psychologically Safe Workplaces

A psychologically healthy workplace helps keep workers safe, engaged and productive. Addressing psychological health and safety (PH&S) is critically important. A good PH&S strategy benefits employers in affecting workforce stability, productivity, insurance costs, the risk of legal or regulatory penalties and the financial bottom line of a company.It also benefits employees, with an enormous impact upon their health, morale, work/life balance and the ability to perform their duties at their highest capacity.

Your approach does not need to be something intensive or large scale. A Psychological Health and Safety Management System (PHSMS) is similar to other management systems and should be integrated with or embedded into, existing policies and processes that have been adopted.There is no one way to develop and foster a psychologically healthy workplace, because every setting is unique. What you develop and implement should fit the needs, influences, and pressures of your particular situation.

If a company is successful in implementing systems and processes to avoid unneeded risk to psychological health and safety, then the workplace can be a place of refuge for workers during difficult times. It can be a place where workers are supported to focus on doing good work, which can serve as a healthy distraction from other life issues.

An effective Psychological Health and Safety Management System (PHSMS) provides support and information to help you address these issues. It has the potential to reduce factors that cause stress and pressure in the workplace. Managing employees can be challenging, especially in times of emotional distress, conflict, or trauma. Let us help you determine the appropriate path for your company to explore.

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