Project & Contractor Management

Project Management

We employ a systematic approach to identifying gaps in the project management process that must be taken into consideration in order to manage critical aspects of a project, at key points. Health and safety risk is part of the overall project risk, thus by integrating Occupational Health and Safety at the conception stage we can: 

Provide the mechanism to manage health and safety risks

Provide the means to manage risk of cost and time overruns

Early planning can prevent project uncertainties and late changes which will reduce the likelihood of incidents and lowers costs. We can assist your firm with pre-project planning, beginning at the design stage through to planning site specific activities.

Contractor Management

The Prime Contractor requirement is one of the most important features of Occupational Health and Safety law. Prime Contractors have direction and instruction responsibilities over the sub-contractors sharing an overlapping work location.

The responsibility comes down to ensuring the activities of employers, workers and other persons at the workplace, relating to occupational health and safety, are coordinated and to do everything that is reasonably practicable to establish and maintain a system or process that will ensure compliance with Part 2 of the Workers’ Compensation Act (in British Columbia).

The first step towards reducing liability is the site wide application of roles and responsibilities. We can help bolster your performance and the performance of your contractors with regular site visits, documented inspections and recommendations regarding opportunities and improvements.   

Our team can help you establish a system to plan, coordinate and supervise your site activities. We can assist with pre-qualification of your sub-contractors to verify that their Health and Safety Program, safe work procedures, training and supervision meet the intent of the legislation.

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