Health & Safety Coaching & Mentoring

Health and Safety Administration Coaching and Mentoring

There are many reasons why a business may require a little extra, regular, in-house health and safety support.
Our team can step in to provide health and safety secondments to support your firm with reliable expert opinions and resources.

We are available to coach and/or mentor your “non” safety person, to manage safety more effectively, or lean in with your already amazing safety team to meet business growth demands, changes in expectations from clients or other stakeholders, or assist with a special project.

Coaching and mentoring can provide a better understanding of the processes and activities required to meet the demands placed on the business and in turn, on the health and safety personnel. 

We provide sound advice to aid leadership in demonstrating their commitment, involvement and responsibility in meeting or exceeding the compliance requirements. 

Coaching and mentoring can provide employees a way to connect, learn and grow within a company, while increasing flexibility and cost-effectiveness for an organization. Coaching helps employees build confidence when working with management and encourages open communication, resulting in a more positive work experience. Our guidance can assist an employer to promote from within and realize the expertise and investment they already have in house, saving money and time spent on recruitment and training of external candidates.  

Mentoring programs are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces, as they help in reducing turnover, promote growth, and overall helps employees adjust and prepare for a new position.

Mentorship provides individuals with the opportunity to develop and become more competent and confident in their roles, as well as, prepare for growth opportunities in the future.

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